Week 1

IKEA with the family.

This maze in the Garfield Park Conservatory is supposed to align your chakras. We told mom, "race!" and she raced (with an Olympic-level power walk) and said, "I WIN!" 

I went to Dark Matter/Star Lounge Coffee in Ukrainian Village the other day. I'd looked it up beforehand and told the barista (who was accurately described on yelp as a "super friendly hipster"), "I've never been here! Would you recommend this?" and he said yes and then gave it to me for FREE, which made me feel like the City was telling me it was all meant to be. 

One of the dozens and dozens of to-do lists. 

Exercise: Tiny Apartment Edition

I came back to Dark Matter for another Mayan Mocha. They made me feel so happy the first time I came, that I owed 'em.

The world's COOLEST girl biker gang spied while at Dark Matter. There were 5 total, and I just stared. The girl on the white bike had a giant braid kind of mohawk thing. #goals forever. 

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