In Google Docs I have a page called EVERY DAY I’M HUSTLIN’. And I use it to keep track, obviously, of all the hustles I’m trying to run right now. Potential jobs to apply for, moneymaking schemes – it’s all in there.  

So, here are the jobs I’ve applied for:

Box office worker
Tour guide
Specialty foods expert (in chocolate, of course)
Food prep worker
Retail “associate”
Café food person
Freelance designer for an “opportunity” for an “entertainment company” (which looks way shady when you put it in quotes.)
Book designer
Social justice designer
Designer for an unknown company making heaven knows what
Theatre marketing materials designer
Entry-level cook
Climbing gym clean-up janitor/phone answerer
Salesperson for a company that imports European active wear and climbing shoes
And, last but not least, a seller of artisanal cheese at farmers markets.

I’ve been here almost exactly 1 week as of right now, so I can’t help feeling that this is a very respectable list. I mean, I had to write cover letters for Pete’s sake.

I’ve also tried to convince two people on Craigslist to barter and give me their cheap bikes in exchange for design work or records. No luck so far – but in a city of 3 million people, I figure it will eventually work on someone.

I saw a guy downtown playing his guitar with a sign that said “fall tuition” propped up inside his open, supplicant guitar case – and my brain surged with visions of me doing the same thing with my ukulele and a sign that says "trying to pay for improv class." I’m sure that would thrill my parents.

I had an interview today, go to one tomorrow, and am arranging one for early next week. Only one job has told me a definitive no so far, so I feel it’s totally fair of me to sleepily envision myself being offered all the other jobs – like Marilyn Monroe being plied with diamond jewelry - and getting to pick between them. It’s not a realistic dream, but it sure is nice to fall asleep to.
And now, it really is time to sleep. I am almost nodding off now. (But I’m going to call 4 more potential job places, write a cover letter and drop off another application tomorrow.)


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