Week 4

I was at the Lincoln Park Zoo for like eight seconds during the air show - which feels like it was an eon ago, but was actually last weekend. 

Working at a vegan restaurant is the weirdest thing after coming from Arkansas where there are like 14 vegans in the entire state. Not only did a co-worker tell me about this ice cream - ALL the co-workers had opinions about which is the best flavor. 

Being poor is bringing out my latent scrappiness. I worked an even the other day - Taste of Greektown - for a job I hadn't even technically been hired for yet. 

I went and saw a FREE production of As You Like It in Lincoln Park and felt - after a hard, long week - that all the hustle was worth it. 

Coming home from my first improv class. 

Breakroom at my new climbing gym job. It smells like feet. 

This is a weird projection inside the most terrifying elevator in the most frightening place I've ever been in - Merchandise Mart. It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? Well it's even creepier than you can imagine. A vast, polished, automated mercantile deathscape. 

I won't mind it being a bit less hot - but the summer days sure have been lovely.

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